How to create an .ASX Metafile in Windows

A Windows Media .asx metafile contains a type of Extensible Markup Language (XML) scripting that can only be interpreted by Windows Media Player. The most basic metafile contains a URL to multimedia content on a server, such as a Windows Media .asf file.

You need to perform the following steps in order to create a .asx metafile

Step 1:

Open a Notepad window, enter the following specifications for your .asx file

<ASX version=”3.0″>
      <ref HREF=””/>
How to create a asx metafile

You replace AccountName and PortNumber with your information

Step 2:

Save the file in your computer:

How to create a asx metafile

Step 3:

Select the location where you want to save the file, then enter the file namewith the asx extension (.asx) and in “Save as Type” field Select “All Files”

How to create a asx metafile

Step 4:

Upload your .asx Widows Media file to your site via FTP using ASCII mode.

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