Streaming With Nicecast

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Newest Features

  1. Improved Track Titles Nicecast now has more flexible track titles – customize as you like!
  2. djay Support Nicecast and djay from algoriddim make a great team!

Key Features

  1. icon You’re On The Air Create a radio station that can be heard globally via the Net!
  2. icon Commercial Free Radio Broadcast your iTunes Library and hear your favorite music anywhere!
  1. icon One-Click Broadcasting Transmit any audio instantly: iTunes, mics and much more.
  2. icon Live Shows And Events Take a laptop and broadcast concerts, sports, lectures and more.
  1. icon DJ With VoiceOver Use the VoiceOver Effect to mix in DJ commentary on your stream.
  2. icon Broadcast A Call-In Show Plug in a microphone and use Skype to chat.

Easy To Use

  1. icon Easy As A-B-C A snap to set up: A) Select your source B) Play audio C) Click Start Broadcast.
  2. icon UPnP & NAT-PMP Nicecast automatically configures routers which support UPnP or NAT-PMP.
  1. icon Zero-Click Broadcasting Once you’ve got Nicecast set, you can broadcast just by launching.
  2. icon Instant Updates Nicecast leverages the power of Sparkle to get your new versions.
  1. icon Help From Server Checker The built-in Server Checker makes sure your stream is accessible to the world.

Harness The Power

  1. icon Audio Plugin Standards Works with hundreds of VST and Audio Unit plugins.
  1. icon Powered By Icecast Nicecast provides a simple interface for the incredible power of Icecast.
  1. icon Quality Settings Use higher quality for great sound or support more listeners with lower quality!

Even More Features!

  1. icon Archive Your Broadcasts Save broadcasts to MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless or AIFF files.
  2. icon Easy Listening Listeners tune in on any platform with any MP3 player, around the world.
  3. icon Dock Information Animate the dock icon to show broadcasting and listener counts.
  1. icon Stream Control Need to password protect your stream for extra privacy? No problem!
  2. icon Streaming Information Song info is pulled from many apps and shown to listeners!
  3. icon SliMP3 & Roku Support Create an MP3 stream of iTunes audio then tune in with wifi audio hardware.
  1. icon Send Audio To Live365 Stream audio to a Live365 account or other external servers.
  2. icon Manual Track Titles Too Insert track titles manually for unsupported applications.
  3. icon Listener Stats See current listeners and view statistics for all listeners.