About B & O

B & O Technologies was founded in 2001. From our very first day in business, we have been very passionate about the design world in which we exist. We understand that there is a need for more reflective and more distinctive designs within the professional environment. From web design to logo design to brochures and more, our purpose is to bring new and distinctive colors to the many areas of the corporate world. We are aware of the number of “design firms” that are available and we hope to separate ourselves from them, by offering more than just a solution. The goal within B & O is to offer to our clients impeccable design, quality customer service and cost effective pricing.

B and O Technologies is committed to providing the highest quality business information, profiling over 95,000+ private and public companies and their business units, as well as units of foreign companies, government labs, and non-profits. We cover a broad range of industries, so whether you are looking for pharmaceutical, medical, biotech or software companies, your business leads and company research are best found here.

Methodology: Our team of research professionals conducts primary data collection with sales, marketing, public relations, investor relations, and corporate communications executives to compile thorough, current and accurate business profiles you can rely on.

Demographics: Interested in seeing what kinds of companies B and O Technologies covers? B and O Technologies demographic report provides you with a breakdown of its company profiles.

Applications: Find out how customers of B and O Technologies business directory are utilizing our services for competitive intelligence, company research, and prospecting.

Resources: Looking for additional resources? B and O Technologies provides you with website links to additional resources such as trade organizations and high-tech councils.

Industry Codes: Whether your interest is in subassembly, photonics or telecommunication companies, you can save time in company research by being able to find exactly the types of companies you are looking for — quickly, easily and accurately. B and O Technologies hierarchical coding system covers 17 technology industries and is the best of the breed in taxonomy.

We provide solutions to all your Technology needs! From Computer/Network upgrades and customized software to Web Design and Audio/Video editing..

Our user-friendly Multimedia tools deliver professional quality, real-time streaming through a standard Web browser interface, without the need to download or install any software. Access B and O Technologies applications from anywhere via the Internet, even from behind most corporate firewalls!

Company Information Methodology

Our company information database, more than 95,000 strong and covering private and public, is of the highest quality, with business lists and new business leads derived from press releases, industry trade organizations and magazines, directories, web sites, customers, economic development organizations and competitive intelligence.

Exhaustive measures are taken to ensure that our company information is maintained at the highest quality. Initial interviews to obtain business information are conducted via phone with technology company executives. After company profiles are composed, they are run through hundreds of computer and manual checks to guarantee accuracy of company information and adherence to standards. After their interview, all companies are sent their company profiles for review, and edits are made based on their feedback.

Annually, company profiles are sent to contacts for review of business information or, if necessary, contacts are re-interviewed via phone.

Interim measures are taken to update business information, such as quarterly reviews of all addresses and corresponding phone and fax numbers. Web pages and email addresses are regularly tested. Changes to area codes are made as soon as they become effective to consistently maintain business information accuracy. Press releases are routinely monitored to manage our 285,000+ executive names and titles, as well as to catch product changes, new business leads and merger and acquisition activity.

Where any changes are necessary in company profiles, we respond quickly to customer feedback and take steps to guarantee that the highest quality business information is delivered.