Q & A

B & O Technologies:
A one-stop-shop for all of your company’s needs.
B & O was established with the intent to satisfy all of our client’s design needs. Whether our clients require website design or photography services. So far, B & O has been successful in helping our clients find design solutions in all aspects of branding and advertising. B & O has worked to providea wide gamut of designs in all areas, such as website design, to company branding, to custom photography and beyond. We understand that in many cases a logo design project can lead to website design, which in turn can lead to brochures, custom DVD’s and more. For this reason, we handle each and every project with the highest level of attention focused on precision and detail. What makes B & O different from other design firms? While many people believe that high quality design work must come with a costly price tag, we at B & O think differently. We offer our clients both exceptional design workand competitive pricing. Although our prices may not always be the lowest available to our clients, we are certain that our level of service and our design quality will not be outdone. From website design to multimedia creation, we will work hard to find the best solution at the very best price.

What can I expect from B & O customer service? It seems that over the years many people have become accustomed to a diminishing quality of customer service within the business world. At B & O we would like to change that by making each and every client our top priority. We treat each client, regardless of project size, with the same high level of customer service. Whether the project is a simple logo creation, a complete website design or a branding overhaul, we will dedicate the necessary labor to do the project right.

We believe that you can “have your cake and eat it too”. We know what is important to our clients, and work very hard to keep them satisfied.

What makes B & O designs different from others? Our process. We believe that the creative process consists of both the journey and the destination. We see the process as important as the finished product. From business card design, to website design, to interactive presentations, each project is unique and requires special attention. By investigating every detail of the project from the start, we eliminate many problems before they arise. We also understand that many of our designs will be revisited for years to come. For this reason, we want to be certain that all aspects of the design have been carefully examined from the very start. This allows us to save the client both time and money if they decide to revisit the design in the future.
Simply put, we do the job right from the beginning.

How do I know that B & O is right for my company? We at B & O understand that in order to take the appropriate design approach, we must understand who the client is and what it is that they will require from the design. In the end, this understanding will allow us to better serve their needs. We are very careful to make certain that our designs are a perfect match for our clients. We offer a seamless integration of client needsand B & O design for each and every one of our clients. For this reason, we never use pre-formatted guides or templates for any of our design projects.

How much will this project cost my company?

We are aware that many companies do not allocate the budgets that are necessary to obtain design services from many “high-end” design firms. This is where B & O can help. We have always offered to our clients the very best in website design, graphic design and multimedia creation, coupled with the very best in customer service. In addition, we have always understood that these services must be offered with cost considerations in mind. That is why we never define a project without taking into consideration the clients budget. We have been able to meet all types of budgets and we have never equated the level of service to the project fee.

Of course every design project is unique, and likewise every budget will be based on the project’s scope of work. With this in mind, we take the time to carefully examine the project from every angle to provide the absolute best in pricing.