Rennie Cogle

Renford George Cogle affectionately known as “Renny” Cogle hails from Kingston, Jamaica. As a child he attended Denham Town Primary School where he found a passion in writing poetry. He later put melody to the words, which he performed the songs during the weekly music concert. The concerts were a signifigant part of the early development for music appreciation at the primary level. Renford was an excellent Student which earned him Government scholarship to Knockalva A.T.C.. He furthered his education by way of another Government scholarship a The Jamaica School Of Agriculture. He also earned a scholarship to U.W.I. St. Augustine in Trinidad but due to the passing of his Mother at that time his education was disrupted due to what he says that loosing his Mother was “devastating to me”.

His musical career started when his friend the late Delroy Wilson listened to his music and recorded “You keep on running” which was the first song to become a number one hit written by Renford Cogle. Among the other hit songs written by Renford Cogle know international as well are “Sweet sensation”, “Everybody balling” By Brent Dowe and The Melodians, “Survival” by Marcia Griffiths, “Strugllin” by Sharon Black, “Ring of gold”, and “Passion of love” by Tony Brevett and The Melodians, “The way I feel for you” by Joe Coleman. His Latest chart topping hit “Can you feel it” by Avis “the Singing R.N.” Williams from her album “Avis Unwinds” is very popular at this time. There are many more too numerous to mention.

Renford Cogle today thanks the many artistes who have recorded his music. Tony Brevett and The Melodians, Marcia Griffiths, Singing R.N., Sharon Black, Nadine Binns, Joe Coleman, and UB-40. As he continues to be inspired to write, we look forward to hearing most of his hits reaching the top of the charts.