Team Members

Brian Graham

Chief Executive Officer
Forward is the only direction in which positive progress can be made.

Brian Graham Jr.

Vice President
Here's to all volunteers, dedicated people making a difference.

Karen Worth

Finance Officer
Be the change that you want to see in the world, and then some.

Team Members

Jackson Cole

Field Officer

Jody Hancock

Field Officer

Jane Pincenetti

Field Officer

Tim Parson

Field Officer

Jill Sherry

Field Officer
More About Our Team


B and O Technologies was founded in 2001. From our very first day in business, we have been very passionate about the design world in which we exist. We understand that there is a need for more reflective and more distinctive designs within the professional environment. From web design to logo design to brochures and more, our purpose is to bring new and distinctive colors to the many areas of the corporate world. We are aware of the number of “design firms” that are available and we hope to separate ourselves from them, by offering more than just a solution. The goal within B & O is to offer to our clients impeccable design, quality customer service and cost effective pricing.


B and O Technologies is committed to providing the highest quality business information, profiling over 95,000+ private and public companies and their business units, as well as units of foreign companies, government labs, and non-profits. We cover a broad range of industries, so whether you are looking for pharmaceutical, medical, biotech or software companies, your business leads and company research are best found here.
  1. GoDaddy 80%
  2. Others 50%
  3. B and O 90%